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Headstart Childcare Hobsonville Auckland


A home away from home

Proud to be locally owned and operated, HeadStart is an important part of the Hobsonville community, helping grow the hearts and minds of children over the last 25 years.

A well-recognised building, this purpose-built centre has stood the test of many, many children!

The property comprises a total of 920sqm with inside and outside environments designed towards discovery and play.

Inside the walls are adorned with the children’s artwork, the celebration of their creative expression lending our centre a sense of pride.

A wonderful open space, which makes it particularly adaptable to a wide variety of learning experiences.

Following centre planning meetings we create areas for activities, keeping it new and exciting for the children who come throughout the week.

While it’s important for the children to learn to share the spaces, whilst being able to be involved in activities to be uninterrupted so that the child’s self-discovery through the activity can extend to a natural close without disruption.

Outside there is a flat and safe area, with plenty of space to create group and individual activities focused on developing gross motor skills and physical confidence. While we have a well-resourced outside area, funding has been allocated to develop this area further.

Inside, our sleep area is set up daily with fresh sheets and bedding, suitable to the season. This area is separated from the rest of the inside space for the duration of the longest sleeper.

Older children not resting anymore are encouraged to participate in quieter activities. One or two teachers are always present throughout.

Toys and Equipment

The toys and equipment at HeadStart are chosen to help develop and improve hand-eye coordination, sharpen fine and gross motor skills, spark the imaginations of our children, educate and encourage sharing and participation.


Favourites amongst the children include two full sets of Imaginext, Mobilo and LEGO Juniors sets. We have a wide range of musical instruments, train sets, games, puzzles, and an extensive library. We encourage dress ups, painting, play doh and water play throughout the day.


While we do have digital devices available, we believe in limiting screen time for our children. We are able to offer so much through our programme and interactions with other children and our teachers, and these are much more valuable tools of learning at this young age.

Nutrition and Learning

We believe that the best learning takes place when young minds are well nurtured and nourished.

At HeadStart we offer a nutritious menu for our children. It includes a cooked lunch as well as morning and afternoon teas. All food is prepared on site and is centred around balanced meals focusing on 5+ vegetables and fruit a day.

We accommodate all food intolerances and food allergies. HeadStart is a nut free centre.

As part of our Transition to School programme, one day a week, all 4 year old children bring their own lunch, so they can practice eating from a lunchbox before they start school.

For more information about food at HeadStart, please download our Prospectus.

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