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About Headstart Childcare

We believe in and value each child in our care

We aim to provide the highest quality childcare to best serve the children and families in our community to grow them into well-rounded, happy and confident learners.

Everyone is

HeadStart is a unique place. It’s a place where your tamariki can explore and grow holistically, in a safe environment that is supportive, caring and stimulating.


Our longstanding teaching staff care deeply about all the children in our care. Your child’s emotional, social, cognitive and physical wellbeing is our primary focus and constant consideration in the programme we provide. Sharing information is key to meeting the needs of your child, so we take the time to build respectful and reciprocal relationships with you and all important family members in your child’s life.


As a culturally minded and community focused centre, we welcome children of all ethnicities and all levels of ability. Our programme reflects this in the choice of activities, celebrations and learning objectives to provide a rich tapestry of experiences for your child.


For you we believe it’s about knowing your child is receiving the best quality childcare and early education possible. For us it’s about nurturing the minds, bodies and hearts of the future.


For more information, we invite you to read our philosophy.


At HeadStart our underlying objective is to create confident and competent learners, driven by self-discovery.


We encourage learning, both at an individual level and within group settings, by making learning fun, engaging and significant to your child.


At HeadStart, we aim to prepare each child with the skills needed for school and their future as a happy and confident adult.


In consultation with local schools and teachers, we have developed a Transition to School programme that focuses on the foundation skills needed for children to make a smooth transition to school.


These foundation skills are born and developed from an attention to gross and fine motor skills, communication, exploration, contribution and social understanding.

Headstart Childcare ERO Report


An ERO review looks at how an early learning service or school reaches positive learning outcomes – knowledge, skills, attitude and habits – for all children and young people. Their review process works with an early learning service or school’s own evaluation processes. It also supports a culture of ongoing improvement.

Headstart Childcare ECE Funding and WINZ Childcare Subsidy


We offer the 20 Hours ECE for children from the age of 3 to 5 years who attend the centre for six hours or more per day. Some children may also be eligible for a WINZ subsidy. For more information regarding these subsidies, you can give us a call, or read more on

Part of the community since 1991, HeadStart is a centre focused on providing the very best quality childcare and education for children, parents and their families.

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